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PPS Neftyanaya is located in the city of  Saratov in Saratov Region and has been operating since June, 2011. 

The refinery processes over 180,000 tons of crude oil per year. As a result of the primary processing of oil by thermal cracking, distillation columns are divided into three fractions: gas stable gasoline, diesel fuel and fuel oil. The quality of these products corresponds to export GOSTs and, therefore, has a competitive advantage.

All equipment, premises, technological networks and tanks are the property of the plant. The enterprise has its own certified laboratory for the analysis of oil and oil products.  Diesel fuel is already refined for several years in the north of the Saratov Region.

Petrol and fuel oil is delivered by rail and water transport to the regions, Samus and further sold to consumers in Saratov,Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo regions and the Altai Territory. 

Oil loading and dry cargo fleet, as well as a trading company that directly interacts the work of all links in the chain for the purchase, delivery, storage, processing and sale of oil and petroleum products. Such an organization allows creating a more flexible pricing system and additional benefits for customers of the products of the PPS Neftyanaya company.

PPS Neftyanaya widely and successfully applies modern technologies for drilling wells and oil production. The technological efficiency of modern technologies has been evaluated in a number of research works carried out by leading scientists and industry specialists. the results of these studies were considered and approved by the Central Committee of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Russia. 

The most significant new technologies are briefly described below: 

- A computer program for geological modeling,

- polymer - clay muds and use of deep their purification system 

- perforation underbalanced deeply penetrating charges, 

- hydrodynamic modeling reservoir, 

- fracturing, 

- application of a special oil-well cement using chemicals lowering filtering solution 

- original technology cement production casing fill when "pacing" 

- introduction of a corrosion monitoring system, 

- injection of corrosion inhibitors, 

- oil preparation using separators - heaters, 

- p a system of supervisors, 

- computerization and the creation of a unified computer network.

Application of joint venture with other refineries and oil companies of advanced technologies improved the state of development and ensured an increase in oil production by more than 2 times.