Environmental. Production. Effectiveness


Our company PPS Neftyanaya was the first in the region to implement a system of integrated environmental monitoring that allows monitoring the state of the environment, to identify in a timely manner the sources of pollution and their impact zone, and also to forecast the state of natural complexes. An undeniable advantage for PPS Neftyanaya as the Company's leading oil production is the lack of service units in its structure: drilling wells, specialized vehicles, construction, social sphere. 

This allows you to focus on the immediate process of oil production.

All wells are drilled using a new technology with the use of effective chemical reagents and a deep drilling mud cleaning system. When developing an oil field, a person can not but have a negative impact on the environment. However, in the forces of the company, this influence is minimized. One of the main aspects of the policy of PPS Neftyanaya is the increased attention to environmental issues and the orientation towards the maximum reduction of damage to the ecosystem of the district. The enterprise pays much attention to the utilization of all types of waste generated during the operation of the field, the elimination of slurry barns

Quality Assurance


Our enterprise develops and builds plans, following the trends of world oil refining and proceeding from vital necessity. In the technical policy of PPS Neftyanaya , the issues of improvement of processes, modernization and technical re-equipment of production have always been and remain the priority, and the ultimate goal is to further improve the quality of products.

Technical Analysis


Examination of samples of Crude Oil,Petroleum ,oil products is carried out in a laboratory equipped with modern equipment, which allows to determine the basic parameters of petroleum products with high accuracy and in a short time. We carry out an examination of all types of light and dark oil products by main parameters. A detailed list of petroleum product reviews and prices for fuel analysis is